The MISSOC Analysis, written by the Secretariat's academic experts, intends to provide an analytical overview of significant developments in selected fields of social protection. The Analysis moreover explores how these developments relate to changes in social protection legislation over time. Data from the MISSOC tables are used and contextualised against the backdrop of the theoretical policy framework set by key documents in the field of European social policy, linking overall developments and mechanisms to existing practices in the participating countries. Since 2012, the MISSOC Analysis is published in principle on a bi-annual basis. No Analysis was produced in 2010.

MISSOC Analysis 2014 (in English only): Cost Sharing for Health and Long-term Care Benefits in Kind

MISSOC Analysis 2013/2: External aspects of social security coordination

MISSOC Analysis 2013/1 : Overview of means testing in MISSOC countries

MISSOC Analysis 2012/2: Gender Differences in Social Protection

MISSOC Analysis 2012/1: Social Protection/Social Security aspects of Active Ageing

MISSOC Analysis 2011: Guaranteed Minimum Resources

MISSOC Analysis 2009: Long-term Care

MISSOC Analysis 2008: Social Protection: Aspects of flexicurity and active inclusion