Exchange between correspondents

This section is intended to be a repository of the exchanges between correspondents on specific topics (which often concern a proposed new piece of legislation). For each topic, questions and related answers are consolidated in one single file where the information can be collapsed and expanded using the (+) and (-) symbols.

Exchange between correspondents (in English only)

10/2014 Children’s maintenance obligations

12/2014 Pension information

12/2014 Pension deferment

12/2014 Early retirement

02/2015 Social contributions payments in two countries (EU and non-EU)

02/2015 Wages in nursery schools

04/2015 Social protection scheme for judges

04/2015 Survivor pension

04/2015 Part-time pension

04/2015 Occupational rehabilitation

04/2015 Inquiry on credits on social security contributions

04/2015 Wages in nursery schools

05/2015 Information on assessing the disabled person’s ability to work (e-survey)

09/2015 Survivor’s pension (e-survey)

10/2015 Permanent disability (e-survey)

11/2015 Payment of Pensions to Pensioners in Prison (e-survey)

01/2016 Unemployment (e-survey)

01/2016 Changes in bilateral social security agreement with Australia (e-survey)

02/2016 Social security benefits to refugees (e-survey)

02/2016 Social benefits to single mothers (e-survey)

03/2016 Arduous jobs and retirement schemes

03/2016 Tax credits to low-wage workers

07/2016 Solo self-employed persons in the social security systems

09/2016 Information on pension legislation

09/2016 Pension in case of part-time work

10/2016 Alignment of sick ‘leave’ versus sickness ‘pay/benefit’ (question from MISSOC Secretariat to MISSOC correspondents)

11/2016 Rules for conversion of periods

12/2016 Preservation of pension values

01/2017 Maintaining healthcare’s right in case of non-fulfilled conditions (portable document S1)

02/2017 Health insurance contributions payments during strike

04/2017 National legislation regulating work disputes

04/2017 Social contributions of working students

06/2017 Voluntary contributory periods of unemployed

09/2017 Bilateral Social Security Agreement with Egypt

09/2017 The institutional framework for the supervision of Legal persons of private law of non-profit welfare character by Central Administration

10/2017 Nursery care for children under three

11/2017 The status of members of the boards of directors in social insurance

12/2017 Transferability of social rights – European Commission, DG Employment, Modernisation of social protection systems

12/2017 Rules for conversion of periods

02/2018 National Pension FDC Scheme

06/2018 Creation of a new categorization for “employee-like persons”

10/2018 Definition of family members

11/2018 Supplementary arrangements for female pensioners

11/2018 Special status granted to professional athletes

11/2018 Cohabitation (legal and de facto) and its consequences in terms of social rights

12/2018 Protection against the unemployment for the self-employed