11-12 May 2017, Floriana (Malta)



1. MISSOC State of affairs (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

2. EU policy framework I: Social agenda of the Maltese presidency (Malcolm Scicluna, Maltese Presidency)

3. EU policy framework I: Outlook on the social agenda of the Estonian presidency (Estonian MISSOC Correspondents)

4. EU policy framework II: The Commission work programme (Ana Carla Pereira, European Commission, DG EMPL)

5. EU policy framework III: the researchers’ perspective (Bart Vanhercke, European Social Observatory)

6. Strengthening the enforcement of social rights in Europe (Sheila Hirschinger, MISSCEO, Council of Europe)

7. Three key demographic trends which are most likely to impact social security in the decades ahead (Simon Brimblecombe, ISSA)

8. ESPN report on Access to social protection of people working as self-employed or on non-standard contracts (Bart Vanhercke and Slavina Spasova, ESPN research team)

9. Developments in MISSOC communication activities (Liesbeth Haagdorens, MISSOC Secretariat)

10. Revisions to Correspondents’ guidelines on completing the description of social protection for the self-employed (2nd round) (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

11. Unemployment benefits in a changing world of work (Marcel Fink, ESPN national expert)

12. An Unemployment benefits system aimed at making work pay (George Cremona, Department of Social Security, Malta)

13. Review of the Correspondents’ Guidelines to Table X – Unemployment (peer review and introduction to the working groups) (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

14. Recent Developments in Social Protection in Malta (Mark Musu, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity)

15. Planning of future MISSOC activities (Francesca Liberati, MISSOC Secretariat)

16. Information on the next MISSOC Network Meeting (Estonia, 9-10 November 2017) (Estonian MISSOC Correspondents)