15-16 October 2015, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)



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MISSOC State of affairs (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

The Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union (Homa Ashtari, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of the Netherlands)

European Commission’s work programme in social policy (Radek Maly, European Commission)

Developments in MISSOC website & communication (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

L’absentéisme au travail – Quelle approche politique au Luxembourg ? (Thierry Mazoyer, Mireille Zanardelli, Observatoire del’Abséntisme)

Mental disorders as cause of work absenteeism (Jürgen Scheftlein, European Commission)

Main features of sickness benefits (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

The ISSA’s Promotion of Excellence in Social Security Administration – Practical solutions for developing countries (Shea McClanahan, ISSA)

Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and the European Code of Social Security (Sheila Hirschinger, MISSCEO)

Housing benefits and assessment of template (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

Suggested revisions to Table VII – Survivor’s benefits (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat and Marcel Fink, ESPN Expert)

Proposal for a Council recommendation on the integration of the long term unemployed in the labour market (Istvan Vanyolos, European Commission)

Integrated support for the long-term unemployed (Hugh Frazer, ESPN coordinator)

MISSOC MEETING 6 and 7 June 2016 and Conference on Child Poverty 6 June 2016 (Homa Ashtari, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of the Netherlands)

Future deadlines (Francesca Liberati, MISSOC Secretariat)