6-7 June 2016, Amsterdam (Netherlands)



Family picture

Child Package Westland (Mohamed El Mokaddem, City council member Westland)

MISSOC State of affairs (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

Developments in MISSOC communication activities (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

Progress on the social agenda of the Dutch presidency (Vincent Fleurke, International Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of the Netherlands)

Brief outlook on the social agenda of the Slovak presidency (Jaroslav Kovac, Slovak MISSOC Correspondent)

EU policy framework II: The Commission agenda (Radek Maly, European Commission, DG EMPL)

Trends in social security in Asia (Simon Brimblecombe, Project Coordinator, Policy Analysis and Research, ISSA)

The “TURIN PROCESS” of the European Social Charter (Sheila Hirschinger, Coordinator of MISSCEO, Council of Europe)

Overview of the descriptions of national systems of housing benefits (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

Presentation of the Disability Act (Mark Roscam Abbing, Employers’ Regulations, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment)

Revision of Tables IV “Maternity/Paternity benefits” and IX “Family benefits”: introduction to the working groups (Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat and Fran Bennett, ESPN expert)

Minimum income schemes in Europe: The EU context (Evelyn Astor, European Commission, DG EMPL)

Minimum Income Schemes in Europe: A study of national policies (Hugh Frazer, ESPN and Maynooth University, Ireland

Work-life balance for people with dependent relatives: The EU context (Evelyn Astor, European Commission, DG EMPL)

Work-life balance measures for persons of working age with dependent relatives in Europe (Denis Bouget, ESPN and Observatoire social européen)

Planning of future MISSOC activities (Francesca Liberati, MISSOC Secretariat)

Information on the next MISSOC Network meeting in Bratislava, 10-11 November 2016 (Jaroslav Kovac, Slovak MISSOC correspondent)