9-10 November 2017, Tallinn (Estonia)



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1. MISSOC State of affairs (Francesca Liberati, MISSOC Secretariat)

2. ESSPROS-MISSOC Cooperation (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

3. EU policy framework I: Social agenda of the Estonian presidency (Natalja Omeltsenko, Estonian Presidency)

4. EU policy framework I: Outlook on the social agenda of the Bulgarian presidency(Eva Tosheva, Bulgarian MISSOC correspondent)

5. EU policy framework II: The Commission work programme (Ana Carla Pereira, European Commission)

6. Developments in MISSOC communication activities (Liesbeth Haagdorens, MISSOC Secretariat)

7. Work ability reform in Estonia – transition from a pension scheme to an activating labour market scheme (Katre Pall, Estonian Presidency)

8. CoE-FRA-ENNHRI-EQUINET Platform on social and economic rights (Sheila Hirschinger, Council of Europe)

9. Policies to extend social security coverage to self-employed and other difficult-to-reach groups: International perspectives (Megan Gerecke, ISSA)

10. Description of the social protection of the self-employed – The experience with the new template (Nicole Fondeville and Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

11. Revision of the Correspondents’ Guidelines to Table X – Unemployment (2nd round) (Loredana Sementini, MISSOC Secretariat)

12. Review of the Correspondents’ Guidelines to Table XI – Guaranteed minimum resources (Stefan Olafsson, ESPN expert and Fadila Sanoussi and Terry Ward, MISSOC Secretariat)

13. Investing in Children + Social Pillar (Julius Op de Beke, European Commission)

14. Synthesis Report on the implementation of the EU Recommendation ‘Investing in Children’ (Eric Marlier, ESPN director)

15. Future deadlines (Francesca Liberati, MISSOC Secretariat

16. Information on the next MISSOC Network Meeting (Sofia – Bulgaria) (Eva Tosheva, Bulgarian MISSOC Correspondent)